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Welcome back to my notes on Yidam practice. Let us break down the definition of Yidam, ‘Yi’ means mind and ‘Dam’ means commitment. Yidam is commonly seen as a meditational deity practice but is more of a complete systemic practice towards reorganizing oneself towards illumination (liberation of self from the limited confines of the contents of the mind). A Yidam can be a manifestation of a Buddha- some of the common Yidams are Hayagriva, Vajrakilaya (Dorje Phurba), Samputa, Guhyasamaja, Yamantaka, Hevajra, Kurukulla, Cakrasamvara, Vajrayogini, and Kalachakra.

Green Tara is a fully realized female Buddha, and a Yidam to many practitioners. She is the active aspect of compassion, compassion in active, but as an Enlightened Being she is also understood to have all of the qualities of all Buddhas. She is an all encompassing Yidam where the practitioner is able to just focus attention on this one Yidam and gain enlightenment/advancement in various domains of one’s life.

How does one connect with a Yidam?

The life alteration connection with a Yidam happens in a couple of different ways, the first way is through having your Guru assign you a Yidam when the time is right. If you do not have a guru, nothing is lost! Your Yidam is still waiting to connect with you. The way to connect with your chosen diety is through setting intention of making that connection through regular and consistent meditation practice. Connecting to a deity that you strongly bond to to help you stay on your Dharma. This system is about taking complete refuge your Yidam to consistently align your mind with the qualities of the Yidam to free your mind and yourself and move towards enlightenment. You can choose your Yidam based on your focus on personal spiritual development. The question you ask yourself is, ‘what do I want to put intentional focus on to improve within myself?’ Each Yidam has it’s role and when connecting to a Yidam you are orienting yourself toward improvement in the area that the Yidam is known for.

This is a systemic practice of experiencing reality through the lens of transformation.

Find your Yidam.

Take refuge in your Yidam through meditation practice and single minded focus.

Let your Yidam lead you to spiritual metamorphosis and enlightenment.

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