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Namaste, my name is Ashwini Gupta-Martinez and I am licensed psychotherapist (MFT license # 41690) and certified as a Usui/HolyFire II Reiki Master Teacher and an Angelic Reiki Master Teacher. I am an intuitive empath with strong clairvoyant and clairaudient gifts. I use my skills to help my clients access deep spiritual information to aid in healing and creating the kind of life that is free of suffering and resistance. This life is in alignment with having full and unlimited access to the bountiful gifts that the Universe has for us to share in and enjoy.

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Having been in Private Practice since 2007, I have developed techniques which include the use of efficient life-coaching techniques founded in old world spiritualism in effective combination with energy work to help both people and animals come closer to their etheric light body transcending from all that causes energetic blocks amounting to physical pain and emotional suffering.

As a trained Evidenced-Based Practitioner with an extensive theoretical and practice background in ACT, Mindfulness Therapy and Systems Schools of Clinical Thought I bring in facilitation of process to help guide positive and healthy change in the clients I work with.

One of the foundational philosophies that informs my evidenced based practice (western psychology) is Sankhya (also written as Samkhya) system, which is the oldest Darshan (Philosophy). This school of thought is accepted as the oldest philosophical system in the whole world. A good understanding of ‘Samkhya-yog’ theory brings a positive discrimination to our mind that enables us to differentiate ourselves as something beyond a Physical body living in this materialistic world. Once this discrimination is acquired and believed only then one can climb ladders of spiritual world. Without an understanding of Samkhya Philosophy, Yoga becomes simply a physical exercise, which is more or less the current situation in the modern world. This entire process of understanding self and achieving the discrimination of being separate from material world (nature) thus can be termed as ‘Samkhya-yog’. This knowledge brings a good insight into ‘nature’ of self and helps in finding right ways of deep meditation.

I work through the foundational belief of Ishvara Pranidhana (Sanskrit Term) translated means complete surrender of one’s individual ego identities to one’s higher self through which we will attain the identity of your chosen divine Yidam/Universal Energy Archetype. This would be a life that is mindfully lived, free of self imposed fears and limitations that holds one back from accomplishing one’s hopes and dreams. Free your mind and free yourself from suffering- CONQUER FROM WITHIN. To be one with Universal Force is to recognize the very embodiment of that light within Tat Vam Asi- ‘Thou Art That’ Or ‘I am a drop of Ocean of Consciousness’

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It would be an honor for me to be of assistance to you on your journey towards healing and harmonic living. I look forward to working with you and/or your animals. Namaste.
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