“Ashwini is a person who will brighten up your day by not just her wisdom but with her passion for life and the determination to help people. Not only will she help us, but also plant a seed of throughout fullness for others and taking everyone along with you to move ahead. And understanding what people are going through and guiding them by saying the right thing at the right time is one of the reason why her words still ring a bell in my head Every-time I am in need of advice. She has the strength to not only understand what a person is going through, but feel the emotions and pain as well. That is what sets her apart because with every person, she invests a little bit of herself and gives them the ability to see circumstances with an optimistic lens. Her jest for life is contagious and her love and support for people around her makes people easier to trust her. I am so fortunate to have met Ashwini and connect with her mentally, and spiritually with our life values. ” — MB

My first session with Ashwini really revealed how she was a perfect fit for my therapy goals. She gave me the opportunity to comfortably articulate what was going on and helped me dig deeper to determine my goals. She always ended sessions with thought provoking questions that I reflected on during my time between sessions. I’m confident this was a key reason I felt like I had multiple step changes in my short period of time of working with her. My last two sessions included Reiki which is something that is new to me. The experience was so transformational and revealing – it really took my “self healing” journey to the next level. Upon returning to Grad School, I met with my Executive Coach and she commented on multiple points of improvement that directly related to what I worked on with Ashwini. It’s amazing to feel different and I believe I’m engaging in the world at my higher frequency – it was great to hear the feedback that I am doing just that! — AB

My appointments with Ashwini are one of the highlights of my week. I always look forward to our weekly appointments together. I have been to about a dozen therapists over the past 4 years, and Ashwini has been the best therapist that I have been to thus far. She has helped me tremendously, and I am a better person because of her. I feel like she truly understands me, and I feel safe talking to her about anything. She is a significant grounding factor in my life. I would strongly recommend her if you, or someone you know, is looking for an outstanding therapist. — KR

I’ve been seeking professional help from “Ashwini Gupta” regarding tuning negative thoughts into positive for over three months now. She’s THE BEST person I’ve found upon a google search from a massive list provided by my insurance.

She speaks her mind, not too pampering and not too hurtful, very straight-forward. It is this approach which is helping me so far and I will continue to seek her suggestions for any future personal clarifications too.

What I like about Ashwini is,

– Her highly qualified straight forward approach & her good experience in this area of expertise.
– Her professionalism & time management.
– Her inspiring attitude.
– Her immediate availability during emergency situations. Trust me, she’ll definitely give her best to help you out.
– Her sense of humor & her strong belief in the supreme power (However you may call it).

As I’ve been greatly benefitted by her counseling sessions, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ASHWINI GUPTA! –RH

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