Akashic Reading
An illuminating journey connecting to your soul’s true purpose

What are Akashic Records?

Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning ether, or primal substance. The Akashic Record is the vibrational storehouse of all of the information of the soul’s journey throughout all of its incarnations. It resides in the quantum non-local, trans-dimensional Cave of Creation in the heart of Gaia, and in the double helix of the human DNA. The Akashic Records are a sacred realm, and entry therein requires the vibration of a pure and sincere intent to further one’s spiritual progress (as opposed to curiosity or entertainment). A reading of the Akashic Records is for the purpose of healing, personal growth, and the evolution of consciousness. Unresolved issues and unanswered questions can be transformed by an expanded awareness of the soul’s history and purpose within the context of the Akashic Records

Who are we really?

Most of us are seeking answers regarding our soul journey to explain who we are, what our soul purpose is, why do we suffer, why certain things, issues, patterns are so persistent in our lives? Why no amount of effort is good enough to change them? It’s like being caught in a vicious circle where the variables (people, places, and situations) change but the patterns persist. They just change form but don’t disappear.
Our essence is Divine. We embody the Source, representing the highest vibration of love. We are an integral part of Universal Consciousness and are never isolated. Earth is our school where we take human form and incarnate lifetime after lifetime. We learn lessons for soul advancement through life experiences to manifest the spiritual perfection we embody at a physical earth plane. Through these experiences we continue our journey of spiritual growth and evolvement with the latent desire to align ourselves with our ultimate soul purpose – to be one with Source.
Akashic Records heal
Clear old contracts and unconscious agreements that do not serve your highest good

How can accessing Akashic Records heal?

In search of answers, we seek help from others looking for a ray of hope and explanation about the causes of what we are going through, not to mention a quick fix as remedy. While the energy field and vibration can give us some information, the long lasting healing power lies deep within our soul.

When Akashic records are accessed the information pertaining to current life situations is always highlighted. Many times latent patterns come to surface so they can be healed. Akashic records are like an online resource (if you think about it they are literally like a virtual library); the more questions we ask the more clear answers we receive.

The past lives specifics like who I was in the past life or what I did in that life is not important. What is important is the wisdom that comes from accessing those lifetimes, the insight into any karmic debts, blockages or patterns that are still manifesting in this life as a result of previous lifetimes.

The records point out the origin of such karmic debts, patterns or blockages which in most cases can be traced back to previous lifetimes. Some of these are linked to unfinished business or pending lessons that the soul has yet to learn. In some cases these are the triggers to remind the soul of lessons mastered in previous lifetime that are waiting to be activated through memory in this lifetime.

How does an Akashic Reading help you?
  • Identify your soul’s core patterns that contribute to your human personality
  • Better understand your soul impressions of interactions with others
  • Explain troublesome or challenging circumstances and why you find yourself in them time and time again
  • Recognize any interceptions and obstructions (self imposed and karmically imposed) to achieving your goals and highest potential
  • Express your truest Divine nature (Atman) to create oneness with cosmic energy in realizing authentic joy
  • Find your soul purpose and life path and what you are meant to do in this life time
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That’s what an Akashic Record Reading offers: depth and perspective.

  • In an Akashic Record Reading, you find your soul’s spiritual perspective.Within the Akashic Records, you see from the point of view of your soul. This soul-oriented view widens your focus and helps you move into a dynamic perspective of all you are and can become. You see the experience of your life from a new perspective. Not from a mundane, abstract view, but from a point where the view is your entire essential nature, body and soul, heart and mind.
  • And there is depth: Your Akashic Record is the divine knowing of the entire experience of your soul. Looking within your Akashic Record for what you want to know and what you want to let go dramatically shifts your perspective and expands your view. From this soul point, instead of choosing between one bad option and one even worse option, you find many, many opportunities — or you find the One choice your heart has been yearning for.
  • To benefit from an Akashic Record Reading, all you need to do is come with your questions and issues. You don’t need to understand how the Akashic Records work in order for your Reading to be beneficial and supportive.
  • However, do know you are in powerful healing hands. I am here to provide the sacred space you need to shift and expand at all levels of your life. The depth of my connection with the Akashic Records will activate deep personal growth within you.
  • Even if you aren’t sure exactly where you are headed or what within needs to go, I have made it my life’s work to be your guide as you shift and expand, finding the clarity you seek to feel free to be yourself in all aspects of your life.
  • I use divination tools (tarot cards, oracle cards and the pendulum) to connect to spiritual guidance to help connect to information that is accessed from higher intelligence dimensional sources. This information helps build connections to events and patterns in one’s current life to break cycles that are causing stagnation and preventing forward movement.
Allow me to guide you on a journey to access your Akashic records. Expand your perspective and free your mind….
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